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Power transmission

Power transmission

Electricity transmission and distribution is fundamentally changing due to environmental concerns, energy storage, increasing use of renewable and distributed generation. Gnosys are at the forefront of designing advanced materials for the energy networks of the future, enhancing existing materials and developing condition assessment methods to improve current networks assets.

Self-healing cables

Imagine a cable that if damaged will heal itself over time. This is possible through the development of self-healing materials...

Self-healing insulation fluids

Many older power cables are insulated with electrically insulating dielectric fluids. As the cables age leaks inevitably occur.  Self-healing fluids...

Advanced dielectrics

The trend for higher voltage cables requires materials with enhanced electrical, dielectric and thermal properties. Gnosys have developed...

Water blocking

Water ingress in subsea and underground cables can be devastating. We have developed a new cable barrier that blocks water efficiently...

Power transmission
Gas networks

Gas networks

The extensive use of plastic pipes in global gas networks has created its own challenges, especially as these materials age. Understanding the performance and functionality of existing pipe assets in relation to safe use is essential. Gnosys, with our partners, are developing new materials, NDT and analysis techniques.

On-site polymer analysis

Identifying and characterising plastic pipes in the field will improve safety. Our portable spectroscopic methods and data analytics can achieve this...

Electrofusion jointing

Plastic pipes and fittings are typically repaired or joined using heat. Assessing the effectiveness of that bond...

Hydrogen in plastic pipes

In the future, gas networks will likely distribute renewable hydrogen. Gnosys can measure the effect will this have on the materials...

In-situ rehabilitation

All plastic pipes, properties deteriorate over time and eventually they have to be replaced. Gnosys are working on in-situ methods to rehabilitate those…

Future technologies


Industrial aerial inspections

Companies with remote or distributed assets often carry out asset inspections by helicopter. Alternatively, these inspections can be carried out on foot. Both options are very time consuming, expensive and can carry a risk to personnel.

UAVs (Unmanned aerial vehicles or drones) promise in the future to reduce costs by automating this process and recording inspection data for later use. Key to this is the ability to fly a UAV safely beyond visual line of sight (BVLoS). Gnosys have developed this enabling technology with the Department of Transport along with our partners.

This is an exciting and rapidly developing area that will positively impact many areas of distributed asset management. We are building an industrial use long-range inspection platform through a partnership of equipment suppliers and ex-military experience. This will improve inspection efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, identify third party intrusions and find technical faults such as overheating.



Advanced composites can be produced with bespoke physical properties to provide an appropriate balance of performance factors for mechanical and electrical applications. Gnosys commonly use multivariate methods to scope and achieve the balanced mix of tailored characteristics to meet individual requirements.

Advanced composites

Advanced composites

Advanced composites can be produced with bespoke physical properties to provide an appropriate balance of performance factors for mechanical and electrical applications. Gnosys commonly use multivariate methods to scope and achieve the balanced mix of tailored characteristics to meet individual requirements.

Auxetic polymers

Auxetics are advanced materials that, when stretched, become thicker not thinner. This counterintuitive behaviour creates potentially new and valuable opportunities for composites applications. Gnosys have an ongoing interest in developing these materials with our industrial partners for a variety of uses. For instance, auxetics can…

Plasma systems

Plasma systems

Cold atmospheric plasma can be produced as a safe gas stream, cool to the touch but highly active as a transformation medium. An exciting feature is that tailored plasmas can have strong antimicrobial and antifungal effects even on highly temperature sensitive materials such as nail fungus and the sterilisation of seeds

Innovation consultants

Gnosys consults for industrial companies on a wide range of cutting edge innovative technologies. Our core capabilities are centred on and related to, advanced materials development. To support these activities and expand our expertise, we actively develop tools, techniques, networks and knowledge systems. Our clients recognise the value we bring solving their challenges.

Advanced materials

Traditional thinking is that material functionality is a trade-off between competing material properties. At Gnosys we think differently and design new materials that break those accepted rules. Simultaneously, we know these new materials need to be economically viable and increasingly environmentally friendly.

Polymer analysis

Pushing the boundaries of material functionality also requires us to create new advanced analysis techniques. We continue to build our suite of analysis methods that are lower cost and higher accuracy than techniques normally practised in polymer laboratories. Our clients benefit from this speed and accuracy.

Non-destructive tests

Measuring the properties of a product or asset, without destroying it is often critical. Gnosys have developed low cost and rapid techniques for doing this. Typically, we are asked to measure plastics, composites and food stuffs. In seconds we can assess material type, age and mechanical properties. From this data, condition, remaining (safe) life can be deduced.

Ecometric analysis

In advance of a new product being developed, corporations not only need to know costs, but increasingly must assess environmental impact from cradle to grave. The ambiguous nature of this analysis is often not within the skill set of our clients. We work with our clients using an ecometric analysis tool kit developed by Gnosys.

Software development

We are often manipulating large data sets derived from our analysis methods. To analyse this by hand would be time consuming, costly and lead to inaccuracies. Many years ago, we recognised the need for automation and therefore employ a team of software engineers that code and standardise our analysis techniques.

Prototype development

To support our industrial innovation projects and carry out field trials, we often produce a working prototype or portable test units to prove the viability of the technology. To do this, our scientists and engineers will design a system and sub-contract the prototype engineering through our partner suppliers.