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At Gnosys, we seek adaptable people who are naturally curious and have a wide breadth of science knowledge spanning chemistry, physics and materials science through to engineering and data analytics. On joining us, you will be asked to work on a wide range of cutting-edge innovation projects. If you want to let us know of your interest, please get in touch.


Current vacancy

Research Scientist


Gnosys is an innovation and applied research consulting company. We have gained a reputation as a trusted partner for major national and international organisations to provide sustainable solutions to materials challenges. We routinely work on new and exciting development projects that are truly innovative and cutting edge. We have two dedicated laboratories where our core activities focus on developing advanced materials and technologies.  

As a relatively small company of scientists and technologists, where everyone is involved, everyone can contribute, and everyone has the opportunity to see the whole picture, every day.

The type of people we seek:

You are naturally curious and have a track record of acting on your ideas. You have in the past used this curiosity for seeking technical solutions despite only having incomplete and ambiguous information. You are a team player and enjoy being part of a team where you are valued and trusted. You have the confidence of your convictions to communicate and influence the team to adopt your ideas. You have excellent written and spoken English and can present yourself in a clear concise manner to clients.

Who you will work with:

You will join a multidisciplinary team of chemists, physicists, materials scientists and engineers who will provide insight to your development work gained from decades of combined experience. Our team will work with you through a mentoring process to develop your skills and expand your knowledge.

The type of work you will do:

Every day will be different and intellectually challenging.

The type of work Gnosys does:

In support of key UK infrastructure, notably energy distribution networks, you will prepare, analyse and explore materials, through synthesis, processing, formulation and deployment innovation, to deliver enhanced performance in components or solve critical challenges. A significant proportion of the team’s work is laboratory based. At times you will be asked to travel and work on site.

What can Gnosys offer you?

At Gnosys, initially you will expand your range of materials analysis and processing skills. As you progress you will have the opportunity to present and develop ideas that align with Gnosys’ broad objectives with the support and guidance from your colleagues. Ideally you will be able to follow those concepts through the innovation process to commercialisation. Your professional development will be supported by targeted training for your growth in the role supported by memberships and accreditation.

Qualifications & experience

Academic: Minimum 2:1 hons degree in chemistry, engineering or materials science. At least 2 years’ experience working in an academic or industrial laboratory specialising in synthesis, processing or analysis, with involvement in process design and planning, and technical reporting. Additionally, candidates will have a good working knowledge of laboratory best practice.  


These are the currently available roles. If you would like to be considered, please contact us.