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Latest news

Reducing cable leaks in the USA

Gnosys is now working with one of the largest energy companies in the United States to develop the self-healing dielectric fluid solutions for their legacy power cable assets. This important technology is already being tested in the UK under controlled conditions. It has been shown to stop fluid filled cables from developing small leaks of insulating fluids. This protects the environment and reduces the operating cost for the network.

Self-repairing subsea cables for wind farms

Gnosys has started work on a new Innovate UK project to improve the performance of offshore power cables through the use of self-repair and enhanced water blocking materials. Cables that care for themselves will to improve the reliability of wind farm power connections and maximise the benefits of offshore renewable generation. We are pleased to be working with our cable testing partner the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult. 

Subsea self-healing cable

Gnosys has won an Innovate UK grant with its partner the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult.  The objective is to develop and demonstrate a new improved subsea power cable which is more robust than existing designs. It will employ ground-breaking self-healing and water blocking technologies using new extrudable polymer materials. A similar development is planned for underground cables.

Dielectric conferences

Gnosys new developments were featured in two international dielectrics conferences. Gary Stevens gave an invited keynote lecture on high performance functional dielectrics at the ICPADM conference in Xian China. At the ICD conference in Budapest Hungary, he also presented on the work Gnosys is doing on new cable developments. At the same conference, Henryk Herman, Gnosys chemometrics expert, also presented a paper describing how spectroscopy linked chemometrics can be used to monitor complex ageing processes.

Aerial asset inspections

Achieving long distance inspection of infrastructure assets using unmanned aerial vehicles has moved one step closer. The UK Department of Transport have chosen Gnosys to demonstrate pervasive communications for UAVs to fly beyond visual line of sight (BVLoS). In the future, these new long-range aerial platforms will reduce inspection costs for many companies that operate distributed infrastructures.

Cables for renewable power

Gnosys along with the University of Southampton, successfully delivered an Innovate UK project called CableSure. This work centred on developing enhanced performance cable insulation materials. Key to this project was the development of new nanomaterials that when added to polymers enhance properties of electrical breakdown strength, electrical resistivity, thermal conductivity and thermal stability – all necessary for renewable centred power networks.

Self-healing insulating fluid

Gnosys have moved closer to volume production with the letting of a license to one of the world’s largest producers of dielectric fluids. This development will secure volume supplies of Gnosys self-healing dielectric fluids to UK electrical power networks under the tradename AnagenTM.