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We are innovation consultants

Gnosys is an industrial innovation consultancy that solves complex and technical challenges for our clients. We take pride in applying our extensive knowledge of cutting edge technologies from one market to create exciting opportunities in adjacent industries. To support this service, our scientists routinely carry out experimental analysis, advanced materials synthesis and desk-based research.

For commercial organisations, operating efficient in-house research and development (R&D) services can be very challenging for many reasons. The trend is for companies to become leaner, more operationally focused and less technical. This leaves ongoing technical challenges stranded and creates the case for contracting out R&D activities to a dedicated specialist resource such as Gnosys.


How we operate

  • Initial conversation - Please do talk to one of our specialist team and we can quickly tell you whether your challenge is appropriate for our skills and competencies.
  • Challenge definition - We will help you define your challenge accurately so that we can provide you with a clear solution pathway.
  • Agree a plan - We commonly develop a phased or gated approach with you so that you have absolute confidence that we will solve the challenge on your behalf with the resources you have, in the time you want and the quality you expect.
  • Communicate - Every step of the way, we will keep you informed of the progress either through meetings or an electronic medium such as Basecamp.

Benefits of working with Gnosys

  • Associate R&D services - Gnosys are professional innovators and we can manage your projects for you for an agreed cost, schedule and quality.
  • Access to knowledge - By engaging with Gnosys you are benefiting from an extensive knowledge base beyond those you might find in-house. We have a wide range of capabilities available built from successfully delivering highly challenging projects for industrial clients over many years.
  • A specialist expert network - We operate an extensive network of subject experts with whom we trust and can call upon as associates. In some cases, our partners provide access to laboratories and test equipment.

Our core strengths

  • Analysis: Defining challenges; big data; chemical composition; polymer characterisation; life cycle analysis; non-destructive testing; materials testing; mathematical techniques
  • Development: Software; advanced materials synthesis; polymers; nanomaterials
  • Applications: Field testing; chemical processing advice; building prototypes
  • Managing technology: Project management; knowledge management; researching; innovation; intellectual property

At Gnosys, we relish solving complex technical challenges. The breath of work we undertake requires us to be highly adaptable and innovative. From many years of R&D experience, we know there isn’t a typical project. Please call us and have a conversation to determine if we can help you. Contact us