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Gary Stevens

Gary is founder and Managing Director of GnoSys. Following high-level research management roles at CEGB and National Power, he was Director and Founder of the Polymer Research Centre at the University of Surrey from 1994. This multi-disciplinary centre conducted strategic research into the use of polymeric materials in society with a focus on industrial, energy and medical applications.

He spun out GnoSys in 2006 as an independent research and technology innovation company. His current research interests include the development of advanced materials, self-healing polymers and new electrical insulation systems, plasma modification of polymers, condition assessment and monitoring and chemical release from polymers. He is also active in the areas of the sustainable use of materials, polymer recovery and recycling, and in environmental systems analysis. He is a Chartered Physicist and an internationally recognised expert in the field of dielectrics. He has published widely and presents at many international conferences.

He is always available to help you generate solutions to your current problems.


  • strategic direction of the company and driver of new initiatives and funding
  • development and application of materials, systems and processes for key clients and their sectors

Henryk Herman

Henryk is joint founder and Operations Director of Gnosys. His first degree in Chemical Physics and PhD in Terahertz Lasers have biased him towards science-technology application interfaces in areas ranging from laser radar, via remote sensing, through to materials composition and properties and the application of multivariate statistical analysis to a variety of large data problems. He has wide technical experience in developing, delivering and exploiting products and processes based around lasers, spectroscopy and optics related technologies.

His responsibilities include supporting the company strategic direction, solutions and ideas generation, project planning, costing and delivery; development and application of remote and spectroscopic methods in support of forensic investigation, materials analysis, new materials developments, condition monitoring; development and application of data analysis methods to produce actionable knowledge. He has published widely and presented at international conferences with over 80 papers and conference proceedings.


David Wardle

David is the business development director for Gnosys. Prior to joining, he ran his own innovation and management consultancy working with both large and small industrial companies. He is passionate about innovation and has been working in this area for his entire career.

Consulting experience for large companies include; Interim Head of Technology for British Gas; Innovation Manager for National Grid; Strategy development for a Total spin out.

Associate Directorships of innovation related SMEs include; successful catalyst spin out from Oxford University; a big data start-up; large fuel cell company; US based chemistry start up.

Prior to consulting, David worked for BOC (Linde) where he was latterly responsible for the Group innovation strategy. For 18 years he managed large industrial markets including staff and development laboratories in US, UK and Asia.

He is an engineering graduate and has over 30 patents covering a wide range of topics, technologies and industries.


Thomas Andrews

Tom graduated in 2017 with a MSci degree from the University of Cambridge - undertaking a master’s thesis in supramolecular chemistry. He joined Gnosys later that year as a Research Technician and is now on a Research Scientist development path.

In his day to day role Tom provides laboratory support across a number of different projects, working mainly on the development of novel nanocomposite and self-healing materials. He has experience in materials processing and synthetic chemistry as well as a range of mechanical, thermal and spectroscopic analytical techniques. Tom is also involved in laboratory management, procurement and health and safety procedures.


Patrick Baird

Patrick is a research and development scientist with expertise in instrumental and analytical techniques. His academic qualifications are a BSc in Applied Physics and a PhD in metrology in association with the UK National Physical Laboratory. He has developed hardware and software in spectroscopy applications, and previously in scanning probe microscopy.

He had a central role in developing Gnosys’ suite of analytical software which is used in many projects to predict material properties using data from various types of spectroscopy and calibration measurements. He has a broad experience in polymer characterisation and analysis using this type of equipment, impedance spectroscopy for measuring dielectric parameters, and other analytical methods.

He has recently been developing interfaces for remote visual inspection equipment which are adapted for use in liquid media and have applications in electrical power industry asset monitoring and other areas.


Susmit Basu

Susmit is a scientific R&D consultant at Gnosys. Following his PhD in catalysis and mesoporous solid materials at the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay, he undertook postdoctoral research at Leiden and Debrecen Universities in the field of bio-wastes conversion to useful commodity polymers and a linked programme with Bayer (at present Covestro) in Germany (Aachen/Leverkusen) as project coordinator to develop of a new class of engineering thermoplastic polymer from renewable resources.

His research expertise lies in the field of general chemical synthesis, catalysis research and engineering, solid-state chemistry, advanced polymer and nanocomposite materials development, functionalised meso-/nano-materials fabrication, microscopic and spectroscopic and advanced analytical methods.

At Gnosys, he is responsible for developing sustainable chemical methodologies, optimised chemical synthetic strategies, advanced polymer and nanocomposite materials, physico-chemical analyses of final products and the optimisation of process scale-up. He has published 10 peer-reviewed journal articles, 6 patents and several international scientific conference contributions.


Nicola Freebody

A research scientist/engineer with a PhD in electrical engineering and wide-ranging experience of polymeric materials and their use in the utilities sector. Extensive experience in laboratory and field based electrical, thermal and spectroscopic measurements of materials and assets. Areas of expertise include the laboratory to mid-scale manufacture and manipulation of epoxy resins, nanocomposites, and dielectric materials alongside the modelling of spectroscopic data using multivariate statistical analysis. Has worked on and managed many projects for both the electrical and gas industries from conception and bid writing to the successful conclusion resulting in patents, and papers in relevant journals and conferences. Other roles within Gnosys include Health and safety officer with experience and qualifications in NEBOSH.


Ian German

Ian is the Advanced Materials manager for Gnosys. He has oversight of Gnosys innovation programs focusing on the development of functional polymer and composite materials, coordinating proposal generation, project planning, and delivery team contributions, along with leading Gnosys’ polymer and chemistry communication at conferences and stakeholder events.

Prior to joining Gnosys, Ian’s career involved the development of polymerisation and polymer functionalisation methods to address sustainable materials objectives and to provide enabling materials and process platforms, including: a PhD in catalyst design for biorenewable polymers; polyethylene functionality; controlled radical polymerisation catalysis; self-healing and surface-active polymers; and self-cleaning optical coatings. As of 2018, Ian has authored 8 journal articles and 5 patents granted or pending.

Ian has worked in research and supervision roles in the UK, France and Belgium, building the experience that informs Gnosys’ approach to delivering polymer materials solutions for key infrastructure challenges in power transmission and distribution and other sectors.


Linda Lim

Linda is the company administrator with a chemistry research background.  Previously she worked as a Research Chemist at the University of Surrey, after obtaining her PhD in Chemistry in 1986. Her work focused on developing new polymer membrane materials for use in fuel cells.  This included polymer analysis and polymer formulation chemistry.  Her role at Gnosys includes administration, project support in procurement, information searches, organising meeting venues outside Gnosys, and she also assists with the operation of the company’s quality management system.


Ben Philpot

Ben has an engineering and software development background and is Gnosys ICT Manager. He has a broad range of skills spanning computer and systems hardware, software development, machine learning, electronics, project management and business development. He is adept at assimilating new information and skills and producing effective solutions to problems in both familiar and unfamiliar domains.

Ben’s present focus is on sensor and telemetry systems for land and marine applications and for aerial inspection systems using cellular and satellite communication technologies. Ben leads Gnosys activities in these areas and has setup and delivered successful projects with both innovation grant funding as well as commercial contracts. He is presently developing products and services for aerial inspection of critical infrastructure assets.


Amy Pye

Amy is a PhD qualified Chemist and is a Research Scientist for Gnosys responsible for delivering projects technically as well as managing projects and communicating with clients. Amy’s PhD was in advanced materials development for electronic applications, both big and small and this has continued in Gnosys with her work on advanced polymers for the energy sector.

Working at Gnosys, she has taken part in projects examining and developing a range of polymeric materials for use in electrical transmission and distribution systems. This has been in parallel with consulting on pharmacological materials, recyclable polymers and textiles and high performance materials used in Formula 1 cars.

Amy is also an accomplished professional in life cycle assessment including life cycle costing and the application of Gnosys Ecometrics suite of tools and has wide experience applying life cycle thinking and formal methods to various industrial challenges.


Rhys Rhodes

Rhys is a Research Scientist who joined Gnosys in 2013 from the University of Surrey, where he worked on the development and characterisation of photocatalysts for energy and fuel production. Rhys was awarded a PhD in Materials Science from the University of Manchester and has a background in engineering, with a focus on nanotechnology.

While working at Gnosys, he has worked in and managed projects ranging from the development of self-healing dielectric fluids, to protective systems for underground gas networks and underground and subsea power cables. These developments have required a wide range of analytical techniques and the development of novel solutions to resolve complex problems, including the design and construction of bespoke experimental test rigs through the use of CAD / CAM.

These projects have resulted in the publication of numerous papers and conference presentations, as well as the generation of 3 patents in the field of self-healing materials.


Eduardo A. Sabas Rodriguez

Eduardo is the lead person in software solutions for Gnosys, from designing new software that matches the needs of the client to finding and adapting other software to achieve project goals.

He studied Computer Science in Spain, and worked in the banking industry in Madrid managing critical software developments before moving to UK in 2013. He excels at thinking out-of-the-box to find innovative and creative solutions to achieve the goals.

His responsibilities in Gnosys are multi-faceted, from software design, to web development, serial communications, sensor data gathering and writing project proposals. His current projects involve long range drones, flight controllers and communications using wireless cellular and satellite communication technologies.


Maggie Svensson

Maggie is a Research Chemist at Gnosys. She is responsible for laboratory management, ensuring a high standard of practice and training, and supporting Gnosys’ expanding materials development program through her preparation and analysis expertise. She has experience of R&D management and product management in an SME, handling training and research activity in collaboration with university partners.

Maggie’s research career has encompassed multiple technical areas; her PhD research featured tar analysis methods development, while subsequent roles have included the design and preparation functional polymers and catalysts for water purification and fuel cells. Maggie’s expertise extends from a wide range of analysis techniques and materials testing methods, to polymer and ceramic coating and membrane preparation.


Janet Thomas

Janet is a Scientific Consultant and has worked at Gnosys since its inception.  She has been instrumental in delivering a wide range of successful projects during this time and has several journal and conference publications.  Janet is a chartered chemist with a PhD in chemistry.  She has a broad range of skills spanning spectroscopy, chemometrics, microscopy, thermal analysis, plasma technology, polymer processing and life cycle assessment. 

Most recently Janet has focused on plasma technology for medical and agricultural applications.  This involved the development of prototype technology for the use of cold plasma in a variety of applications.  She also uses her skills and experience in many other projects, including nano-composites and self-healing materials.

Janet is also responsible for Quality Management and ensures that Gnosys processes are ISO9001:2015 compliant.


Catherine Hinson

Catherine is the Finance Manager for Gnosys Global Ltd and is responsible for the day to day running of financial operations within the organisation. This includes purchase ledger, sales ledger, management accounts, VAT returns, financial reporting, bank related reconciliations and cash-flow forecasting.

If you need anything finance related, from invoices to statements or bank details, then Catherine is the person to approach.

She holds both accountancy and SAP FICO qualifications and has been involved in software implementation and testing.

Prior to joining Gnosys, Catherine worked for the UK arm of a large American corporation and a FTSE 100 UK PLC.